Flowering Raspberry Field

Our raspberry fields are now starting to flower, ready for the start of picking mid-June. We have already started to pick our fresh strawberries; which are available at our farm gate: Windmill Hill, Harewood End, Hereford, HR2 8JS. Come to buy some, we will soon have some delicious fresh raspberries!!! If you can’t get to…

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Summer Fruits Smoothie Ice Lollies

The weather is finally looking good for the Bank Holiday Weekend, meaning we will be making some fruity ice lollies to have in the sun. Follow the recipe below to make these yummy treats: Ingredients 1 large banana 300g Summer Fruit (Our Windmill Hill Fruits Punnets are excellent!!) 50g oats 400ml  apple juice (we used…

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Health Benefits of Raspberries

Not only are raspberries a delicious fruit, but they also have SO many health benefits! They: Boost your immune system Increase red bloods cells Maintain a healthy heart Contain natural anti-inflammatory Rich in Vitamin A which is crucial for good vision Are PACKED with Vitamin C Buy them now from our online shop https://www.britishfrozenfruits.co.uk/   

Water Purification

Today was spent planting reed beds which are water based plant systems. They contribute to help clean the water and they’re an important habitat to birds and wildlife. #SustainableFarming #LEAFFarming  

Finally Some Sun!!

After a very wet winter, we have got lots of irrigation water conserved in our lake ready for Summer. The last few days have been very warm (finally, some blue skies!!), and much needed for our fruit to start getting all the essentials they need!! Lets hope we can keep the warm weather for a…

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Pruning Raspberries

Pruning is something that will benefit the growth of healthy and nutritious fruit throughout the Summer; recently we have been pruning our rows of Raspberries. The prunings are then pulverised into the ground.

Benefits of Blackcurrants

why should you buy our frozen #blackcurrants? Blackcurrants are a great superfood, they contain three times as much Vitamin C as an orange; meaning they are great for the immune system. They are also packed with Fibre & Antioxidants so are perfect for a #Smoothie, on your porridge at #Breakfast or in desserts such as…

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Summer Berry Sauce Pavlova

We love the sound of a Summer Berry Sauce Pavlova with fresh cream and frozen berries!! Perfect as an Easter dessert, and easy to make; follow the recipe on the below link http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/pavlovas-summer-berry-sauce  

Meet the supplier day

Successful day meeting the @queenswoodfoods team, fellow suppliers & customers #British #Frozen #Berries #WHF

Thanks @ShootingReels for this great film of our @britishberries @UKBlackcurrants @berrygardensltd @LEAF_Farming farm over a full year. We love it!

Busy Planting Raspberries

Still a bit of #snow around here in #Herefordshire ! But Springlike today & busy planting #Raspberries.

Blackcurrant Muffins for Mothers Day!

Why not treat your mum to some simple blackcurrant muffins! We used a basic muffin recipe and added a couple of handfuls of frozen blackcurrants – delicious! https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2331641/basic-muffin-recipe