Why frozen?

1. Healthy and Nutritious.

All our fruit is frozen from fresh so all the value is locked in…frozen in time you could say! When we freeze the fruit nothing is added nor taken away therefore when it is defrosted it is still as healthy and nutritious as the day it was picked and frozen.

2. Better Flavour.

Freezing fruit means it can be picked at its optimum ripeness. The mature sun-ripened fruit is then quick frozen within hours of being picked to lock in the bursting flavour.

3. Less Food Waste.

The fruit in your freezer will last longer than fruit in your fridge!

4. No preservatives.

The freezing process is a natural way to preserve food therefore no artificial preservatives are required to achieve an extended shelf life.

5. Availability.

Freezing fruit will enable seasonal fruit to be enjoyed throughout the year.


To purchase a range of frozen fruits in bulk pack formats for delivery direct to your door please visit our website : www.britishfrozenfruits.co.uk .